Pelham Weekend
Mar. 25-Mar. 28

Our first tour on Friday morning (The Golden Peanut Co.)

Check out those hotties!!
(In the Four Corners Cotton Gin Co. - Yes, cotton gin, not the other gin!!)

Cotton Seeds
Sitting in a bunch of cotton seeds! Nice and comfortable!

Beer Keg!!
"We all played golf while drinking lots of beer!"

Lazing by the pool on a hot Saturday afternoon. (Chickasaw)

Waterskiing in the cold water!

Everyone taking pictures at dinner. As usual!

Our fearless MC, Ayman!!
Dynamic Duo!
Beautiful voices unite!

Wet T-shirt contest!
What's entertainment without a little
wet T-shirt contest!! GRSP won!
Southern Girl!
Can you say "Hey y'all!"

Katri's butt!
Carl's Butt!
Our best butt winners! Katri and Carl! Check out them butts!!

Mike and his guitar.
Our guitar playing talent from Scotland. Grandfather!!
Wonderous dancers.
What incredible dancers!!

Peace song
Had to sing our the GRSP Peace song of course!

And of course, a group shot!

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